Equestrian Conditioning Clinic
to Aug 17

Equestrian Conditioning Clinic

~ ATTENTION Riders and Trainers ~

A last minute addition to the August 17th & 18th Games Weekend:

We are offering a conditioning and sport specific fitness workshop.
It will be given by Pat Maykuth and Sophie Pirie. These two are uniquely qualified to teach this subject. ( Sophie and Pat's resumes are attached as well as photos of them doing what they look. )
Format: Friday night a 2 hour lecture including coaching to develop your own program.
Saturday morning (Mounted or unmounted) out in the field working with conditioning skills and tools for attaining Eventing fitness.
Lecture $25 dollars
Entire Workshop $75
Contact Jeffray to reserve your space
MJRatGDF@aol.com / 505-69 -9948

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to May 26

John Staples

John Staples Returns!

We are so excited to welcome back John Staples for his Spring Jumping Clinic. There will be several Dressage Spots available on Monday Morning May 27th.

Click HERE for Clinic Info and Forms

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