Stalled Horses - per month                                      $ 780.00

Overnight                                                                        $35.00

Student rate                                                                   $30.00

Training Fees/Bulk Lessons for Boarded Horses

Per Month                                                                  $750.00

Per Week                                                                    $225.00

Per Ride                                                                          $50.00

Training Fees for Trailer-in Horses

Per Ride                                                                         $60.00

Horses in training are worked 5/6 times per week depending on that particular horse’s needs. All lessons on the horse in training are included in the cost of training. Lessons on a school horse will be charged separately unless otherwise arranged.


Private 1 Hour                                                               $80.00                          

Private 1/2 Hour                                                           $60.00                              

Semi-Private 1 Hour (2 riders)                                $60.00 ea                      

Group (3 or more students)                                     $55.00 ea                

Seasonal Bulk Lesson Packages                   PLEASE INQUIRE

We have a 24 hr cancellation policy except for group lessons but we request a courtesy call in those cases.


Supervision for Shows or Events

Horse Trials  (includes "Friday" schooling)*         $150.00

Full 3 Day Event*                                                              $300.00

(includes equipment charge & horse management supervision)

Course Walks Only                                                           $25.00

Daily or Limited Basis                                                     $60.00

(separate schooling the day before billed at normal lesson rate)

*Plus Pro-Rated Coaches expenses where applicable



                          Clinic dates are available - please call for available dates   $1000 a day +  expenses


Per Night                                  

Regular Student                                              $ 40.00                     

Other                                                                    $45.00

Short Term Live-In Student:     

per week                                                             $250.00

per month                                                         $950.00



Body                                          $ 165.00

            Trace                                        $ 110.00

            "Robin Hood"                        $ 145.00

Trimming                                $25.00

Mane Pulling                        $35.00


Buyer’s Agent

Horses under $10,000:   Trainer $500.00 per Diem + expenses + $1000.00

Horses over $10,000: Trainer $500.00 per Diem + expenses + 10% of price

Seller’s Agent : 10% plus advertising expenses


Treatments will be charged by the time involved and the materials used. Equipment care and horse care beyond that provided in the basic board charge will be billed separately, i.e. blanket or sheet washing, bandaging, etc.