Training the Horse

Initially our highly qualified trainers evaluate any horse coming to Goose Downs for training. The most suitable of these trainers is then given primary responsibility for the schooling or re-schooling process. An individualized program is developed and carried out with the careful scrutiny of a ground person in each of the three phases of combined training. This produces a horse that is ready to effectively handle the demand of competition at its appropriate level.

Training the Horse and Rider 

In order to produce an effective and happy integrated team of horse and rider, the team is given individual and group instruction based on a plan designed to meet the rider's goals. In some cases, the instructor establishes separate training programs for horse and rider. The trainer works with the horse while the rider receives instruction on a school horse seasoned in all aspects of Eventing until the pair is read to work together with the instructor to achieve their goals.


The GDF Working Student Program emphasizes the student. We teach our students a with a comprehensive horsemanship program that includes riding, training,competing, sportsmanship and the business aspects of the horse industry. Participants in this program spend time both on and off campus. We offer travel opportunities taking our students to events and horse facilities all over the country.

GDF Clinics are scheduled at the start of the spring and fall seasons. They include expertise in all three phases of Eventing. Clinics are also held covering animal care, body awareness for horses and people, human learning and animal behavior. Our instructors and students benefit from the pursuit of knowledge and quality of experience offered by Internationally acclaimed experts in the Goose Downs Clinic series.

Goose Downs Hosts Clinics for the following programs

  • North Amerian Young Riders
  • United States Pony Clubs