3-day eventing training

Eventing Programs

Goose Downs Farm offers comprehensive training for both horses and riders in the sport of 3 Day Eventing. This means we train and instruct Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country riding as well as maintaining a strong horsemanship program to support the demands of all levels Eventing. We are lucky to be able to do this supported by a farm designed with exactly this in mind.

Our programs are goal oriented therefore are individually tailored to the horse/rider  combination and our motto "safe, humane and effective" guides us as we help horses, riders or horse- rider combinations develop the skills to attain their chosen goals.
Owners who bring their horse to us we involve in the training process so that owners have a voice  in the development of their horses. Riders without horses develop skills that will allow them to safely and comfortably ride many horses until such time as they have their own equine partner. And those horse-rider pairs who come to us are guided toward success together and individually as is appropriate.

We are able to offer full time board and training for the horses and housing for riders. Also we offer individual lessons on your own horse and as well have a lovely selection of school horses. *Lesson packages are available.

We offer intensive, group "camps", individualized "camps" and short term learning opportunities from a weekend to several months in length. We have an active working student program for those seeking work/study opportunities.
Goose Downs Farm maintains a student atmosphere that includes the instructors and trainers. We feel that the learning should never stop so we have a series of clinics each year covering the full range of riding skills and horsemanship in which we all participate. Our clinicians represent the best of the best and we are pleased to host such notables as Sally O'Connor, Mike Huber and Linda Tellington/ Jones.

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